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Welcome to the Home of the Evil League of Evil

  We are a guild on the Laethys server with members from many different time zones. Currently we are recruitiing in order to begin raiding on a weekly basis.

  Please contact any of our guild members in-game for an invite. We are recruiting for all classes and levels. 

   We have members who PVP--craft--raid--do dungeon runs--and even sing alongs.
Guild News

1.5 to hit live servers next week

Harlas, Sep 23, 11 9:59 PM.
Click here for MMOSITE's notes on the upcoming patch

Here are some highlights:


  • * Raid Rift tears now have a unique map icon.
  • * A new zone event weekly quest is available from Raj Tahleed in Meridian and Abbess Katia in Sanctum.
  • * Anti-Planar Augmentation and Blessed Champion abilities now have a duration and cooldown of 1 minute, instead of the previous 30 second duration and 5 minute cooldown.
  • * Increased the experience gain around Rift activities - a small increase to experience gained from Rifts, a moderate increase for footholds and Major Rifts, and a large increase for zone event Colossi!


  • * Increased the chance for tier 1 Expert bosses to drop Epic quality loot.
  • * Added a 50% chance for tier 1 Expert bosses to drop a second Plaque of Achievement.
  • * Added a 50% chance for tier 2 Expert bosses to drop a third Plaque of Achievement.
  • * Reduced the prices of Expert dungeon armor. The second tier of Expert dungeon armor now requires turning in the first tier of Expert armor to purchase.


  • * Skill-specific Plaques have been converted into Master Crafter's Marks.
  • * Master Crafter's Marks will now drop and reward wherever the previously skill-specific Plaques would (Apothecary Plaque, Outfitter Plaque, etc.).
  • * All Epic crafting recipes are now purchased with Master Crafter's Marks.
  • * Reduced the amount of Eternal Planar Dust required to make the components for the weekly Crafting Rift lure quests. Slightly increased the amount of store-bought materials needed to offset the cost reduction.
  • * You can now receive Inert Shards, Stones, Gems, Crystals, and Prisms from Apothecary daily quest reward bags and chests, as well as Apothecary Crafting Rifts.
  • * Skilled Alchemists can now obtain the recipe for Pure Valorstone from the Favor Quartermasters in Sanctum and Meridian. Pure Valorstone can be used to add Valor to crafted armor for those looking to gain a leg up in the battlefields of Telara. The crafted armor must be of level 47 or higher to be made with Pure Valorstones.
  • * Endurance bonuses from crafted item sets can now stack with each other.
  • * Fixed the skill level requirement to craft Carmintium Lariat.
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